Experience paint color according to Feng Shui

Experience paint color according to Feng Shui

How color choices to suit the owner’s destiny, with feng shui for the home “smoothly” in affairs, good health, in the quiet warm outside. Refer to the following principles to alleviate difficult problem when choosing paint colors for the house.

Choose the right paint color according to the five elements of feng shui.

Year of birth of the owner will be attached to each supply certain clauses which each face the same student or conflict with the different colors. If the color “case” can help to ensure a smooth sailing, if not may face many obstacles later.

About feng shui between color and homeowners have relationships born under the Five engraved. According to the analysis of the school of feng shui, the colors and arrangement as follows: Red represents the Fire (the South); blue of Jupiter (Eastern); blue and gray of Mercury (north); white under Kim (West); yellow of Turkey (Middle bow).

Choose paint colors based on user home

When choosing a paint color, should be based on the direction of the house to ensure that no conflict with Feng Shui and the age of the owner.

If you should choose blue east, the west, the white and milk, then southbound red, pink, north you should choose gray, gray.

In view of the past, Vietnamese people we belong to the South, the South of Mars so that the color yellow is considered to be in harmony with the people of the South, often used to decorate painted houses create a sense of peace of mind, sustainable retreat for the whole family.

Feng shui paint colors to choose less color

Living in a home with too many colors, especially bright colors, our mood or anxiety. Too many colors make the space as the smaller and sometimes make you a headache. Indoor wall colors, as well as between those departments should harmonize with each other.

Choosing the right color is not like other feng shui makes a comfortable living space warm and avoid the bad air transport affects the health and life.

Meaning choose paint colors feng shui:

Yellow – symbolizes luck prosperous, peaceful feeling.

Blue – makes a fresh, friendly environment.

White – represents purity, sincerity.

White – the symbol of the pristine definition, open and friendly work environment.

Pink – Create gently romantic feeling when painting a room fit young couple, young women.

Blue – Bring the psychological comfort, harmony with nature.

Depending on geographical features, providing choice destined to green, or blue to match.

Note when selecting paint colors with feng shui:

Should not be painted a single color, which needs the orchestrated, discoloration rhythmic ingenuity. The color shift articulated between rooms, doors, walkways, the ceiling … ..

Do not use more than 3 color / room. Choose a paint color combined with the furniture in the room layout. Hydrophobic painting too dark a lot of colors will create a sense of psychological disorders, lack of peace of mind for homeowners experiencing strong.

Wish you a reasonable choice of paint color for the perfect home!

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