Principles to application

Principle when conducting application.

The principle of avoiding problems when son paint colors in high areas on the couch on the wall beneath the painting do you have to spend more to fix labor &

1. Construction of paint from outside to inside

This will help you to limit the intrusion of rainwater during construction.

2. Apply the paint from top to bottom

Avoid problems in the area painted high on the walls splashed in the below do you have to spend more paint & put corrective labor

3. Scan palm pre, after rolling rollers

Advantages of the palm is to help you overcome the nooks, corners (which rollers do not). However, the drawback is palm reset as scratches on the wall is aesthetically works. The palm scanner in the corner before then applied using rollers will help narrow brush scratches to a minimum

4. Construction of consecutive top 1 wall

The construction of the first interruption on walls will lead to the paint on the walls is not uniform

5. Limit patching

During the construction process, and other items of works such as electricity, wood, tiles … often will collide as scratching your walls. The wound patching these positions are often not identical with the wall was constructed earlier. Because of this, after the first paint coating should wait for the other items perfect finish and then proceed to patching & overall construction works with 2nd coating to ensure color uniformity on the wall

1. There should not primed wall?

Primers have an important role in protecting the surface of walls, as well as increase the aesthetics of the house. In addition, it is resistant to alkali, mildew resistant paint for finishing.

Primers used:

When painting the surfaces generation.

When repainting surfaces peeling or degraded material to expose the surface as it was painted.

The role of the primer:

Primers are color coatings help reduce likelihood of bias in the paint in the process of patching after finishing stage.

Is the glue between the coating and the wall, which helps the coating adhere to walls and peeling

Create tight adhesion, enhanced adhesion to the coating.

It is resistant to alkaline (included in cement …)

Primers also have uses in waterproofing wall surfaces.

Helped paint over and beyond all the shiny substance thus making better film.

Some types of primers also help prevent stains and mildew through.

Thus, primers plays an important role in protecting the walls from moisture condition, peeling when the weather changes, making the surface more durable paint, paint quality assurance.

Wish you have a beautiful house!

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