Color trends 2018

Color trends 2017

Color trends 2017 – Life in a new light This trend reflects the rapid changes of the digital world around us. When life is increasingly urbanized, our vision is to change the priority and switch to simple things in life with a fresh new look to better their lives, such as family and friends, work , connect with nature, experience ..

The color of 2017 – Color Streaks
Color Of 2017 – Blue Denim

90BG 30/073

Green is the color of life, of everyday life. It is also soothing colors and relaxing. Denim blue colors seem to be the most appropriate to express life in a new perspective by this tone gently shift from dark indigo blue to a lighter shade & there is a combination of blue & gray
Look at color trends in 2017

Each year, Global Art Center AkzoNobel has gathered experts in various fields of color, design and fashion famous worldwide for research and development and innovation in color. They work together to research and find out the social trends and design will have an impact on consumers in the choice of colors and interior design in the coming years. They suggest some mainstream and a broad-based theme style representative of the year.
Romance with Nature

When the environment is the central issue is both focused world, this trend has timely capture and reflect. It refers to the way we live as well as the priorities in life, with responsibility & sustainability of the natural environment steadily more concerned. All of us have a relationship with nature, but at the same time we are living in crowded urban areas and the number of belt technology. Close to nature makes sense is to settle down to renewable energy for the entire body. Although this trend stems from the deep nature, language designers can still transform these properties into the house eclectic style, nomadic and uplifting, allow yourself to be immersed in natural breath and turn your private space become truly creative.

Personal ego for the Community

The city is growing that the geographical shift and society becomes clearer. Therefore, the need to become part of society and has become increasingly urgent. Paint KANTECH spent a lot of time to observe the formation of a network of family and community ties as a group of friends or a group of like-minded people. We noticed that you have in the same team, they have the inclination to share with each other everything, from the point of living on their own dreams, and even your living space. So this style palette with bright emotions and dynamics to make public spaces become more exciting.
Home office

The boundary between work and personal life is slowly converted, we are looking for more balance between life and work. The house has become a home office, and many workplaces are now back to their homes. Therefore, to bring energy to work for the house, experts KANTECH Paint has developed a color palette to help you create the region with many different styles of houses but also not doing layouts overall was sporadic. Thus, you can comfortably and focus on the job despite sitting anywhere in the house.
Exquisite luxury

This trend reflects a catch and lifestyle, a new consumer styles: value does not lie in the material that lies in experience. Creating priceless moments is the number one priority when we always see the world under a new perspective, and fill it with more of their own experiences. Stylish new consumer means focusing on quality rather than quantity: buy less, choose a closer and more sustained. It is synonymous with the promotion of lasting value rather than frivolous suddenly. All your senses will be awakened and strong rise magically when exposed themselves soft fabric, the walls full of emotional color, the aroma and fine tunes International – the emotional moment was uplifted by the intangible value without heavy physical book. Neutral palette allows you to focus more on the memories and experiences.

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