The charm of color (green-gray) – Son KANTECH Panint

Green gray always looks this ethereal elegance and versatile.

Nile Water

Imagine yourself as a discerning traveler’s Victorian, enjoying an exotic journey along the Nile in Egypt. Today it is hard to believe, but at the time, the sparkling water of the Nile with a green light gray which locals call “eu de Nil”, literally translated as “water of the Nile”. Delicate pale blue is very popular in the late 19th century, especially in the flourishing of the Art Deco charm school.

Charm of the ancient world

Eau de Nil blue evokes the image of a quiet evening on the boat down the river in the land of magic remote. Recreates the dreamy idea in your house by coordinating eau de Nil green with creamy white, like ivory and blue calico, blue chalk. Gentle enough to paint the entire room, this is the perfect color create a peaceful feeling for the bedroom, living room and children’s room. Add some blue accents and dark green if you prefer a more personal style, or in combination with copper, gold, mustard or even dark pink to create a more classical style.

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