Exterior paint for the house is to create a protective coating for your home. Outer coating exposed to inclement weather and will be more daily damage. So the exterior paint regardless of the technical factors than the paint in the house a lot.

First take note of the weather conditions before deciding to paint offline.

1) Sunlight

On sunny days you should not carry large exterior paint to ensure even and paint peeling. When exposed to sunlight, the paint will dry very fast and leave streaks brushes / rollers on each line you painted, and you also can not be repaired because the paint has dried. The paint will dry too quickly and affect the durability and adhesion of the paint.

2 o’clock

The second thing to avoid is windy. Please select the more calm as possible. Similar to the first note, high winds will dry faster. Moreover, the wind will easily swept up dust adhesion new paint still wet disfiguring and lose smoothness of the wall.

3) Temperature

You should note that the lowest temperature and the highest temperature to ensure the construction process by the manufacturer painted out. Usually with every kind of paint would be about the right temperature ranging popularity of 10 – 35o C. The best dry paint when humidity is about 40-70%.

The temperature is too high or too low can cause paint with good adhesion, easy to cause peeling. Water paint particularly difficult to execute in hot weather conditions because dry too fast and difficult to fix.

Son Nippon high quality exterior paint

4 seasons

Of course you will not be painted on the day of rain is forecast for the paint would be at risk of drifting away.

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