1. Conditions to attend the Young Designers Contest Asia 2016 (Ayda 2016)?

The competition is open to all students who love Interior Design and Architecture.

All contestants must be currently enrolled subjects Interior Design or Architecture at 1 any educational institution.

You can participate in the form of personal examination or test groups with a maximum of 3 members.

Especially for students who will graduate in August this submission before the official graduation will still be valid.

2. How much I sent for Ayda 2016 exam?

You may only submit one entry only.

3. Award 2016 Ayda is what?

Ayda 2016 Awards 10 awards with a total value divided equally 300.000.000d 2 Thread Architecture / Interior include:

02 First Prize: Each prize cash 50.000.000d, 01 English courses at Apollo 360 in 06 months worth 25.000.000d, and 01 short-term study tour in Indonesia to express talent & Platinum with competition Asia champion.

02 Second Prize: Each prize 15,000,000 Cash and skills courses at Apollo 360.

02 the “talent for sustainable development”, 02 the “Talent improved design”, 02 the “Talent color ideas”: each 8.000.000d cash prize, 01 skills courses at Apollo 360.

4. I can see more information about the contest where?

You can follow the contest through facebook (Do not forget to press the “Join” to get full of useful information from the contest):

Besides, you can see more details of the contest’s website KANTECH Paint Vietnam: to update suggestions, latest announcements and information related to the contest.

5. The official partner of the competition is?

This year’s competition received the companionship of exclusive education partner Apollo 360 and the leading company in designing Architecture / Interior and abroad.

6. I can get Profile Registration Department where?

Also Ayda 2016 will hold a ceremony to launch in mid-August at 7 universities train design Architecture / Interior top in Hai Duong. You can get registration applications directly at the launching ceremony of this.

List of partner universities:

– University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City

– Hanoi University of Architecture

– Van Lang University

– University of Civil Engineering

– University of the East

– University of Industrial Arts

– Hong Bang International University

7. The length of the Message Design is how much?

Design your message should not exceed 1,000 words, and is presented by Microsoft Word.

8. I used colors like in submissions?

The paint works if used in submissions required by Nippon Paint code taken from. Candidates must specify the name of the color, the color code and the product line is used in the design. Color chips can be downloaded at:

9. There is provision for a specific address of the facility is designed for non-submission?

There are no regulations on the specific address of the building is designed. Submissions can be a reality or is the concept on the drawing.

10. I could submit them like?

You can send the entry form to the address file to send email software:

Or copying of CDs or DVDs sent to:

Headquarters: 18.86 Number Le Van Huu Street, P. Tu Minh City. Hai Duong, Hai Duong Province

Phone: 03206.578234 – Fax: 03206.578234
Hotline: 0971.933.348 – 01676.55.8888

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