The error usually occurs when the paint application

Common problems when painting the house and how to handle

When applying paint if not technically savvy and likely paint you will encounter a serious problem. We would like to give some common problem and how to fix it when painting the house:

The coating should be porous

Symptoms: On the surface film bubbles appear which cause small dents are unsightly. Or emerging film particles caused uneven film.

Cause: Son shot is too weak to create bubbles. Surface paint improper hygiene. Construction Tools paint dust and dirt.

How to handle: sanding to create a smooth surface. Constructed in accordance with the construction of the Son KANTECH.

The coating should be fine

Phenomenon: after construction finished coating, the coating have signs of wrinkled, lumpy, not smooth.

Cause: The construction is not reasonable, possibly because hair paint roller lu too long, poor construction techniques, place thin place making thick film thickness is not uniform, not dry at the same time. Weather inappropriate construction: it is too sunny or too cold also affects the wrinkled surface of the film.

How to handle: Choose your time to paint the ideal, temperature, humidity appropriate. Equipment should be qualified and compliance processes.

Color heterogeneity

Symptoms: After construction of painted surfaces or points appear more about pale or darker than the walls.

Cause: Due to the timing of the construction is not reasonable, the air humidity is too high. Too hastily constructed during the dry wall construction not standardized or between the coating in too short a time.

How to handle: Construction of due process and just start when dry wall construction standards and in ideal weather conditions.

Peeling paint film

Symptoms: After coating dry, peeling paint film.

Cause: Prepare the wall surface is not good, the wall is still dirt or impurities reduce the adhesion of the coating to the walls, such as oil, grease, chemicals …

How to handle: Prepare surfaces carefully, beginner standard application.

The coating should have less coverage

Phenomenon: The coating does not cover all the inner wall surface.

Cause: Choosing paint quality is too low or too poor construction, uneven paint roller.

How to handle: Read carefully selected paint. Search professional construction team, highly skilled.

Ability to poor cleaning

Phenomenon: The surface post-construction wall prone and difficult to clean dust.

Cause: The type of low quality paint, carelessly constructed.

How to handle: Choosing paint good and reputable construction company.

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