1. gloss / matte painting of the interior surface

Gloss / matte paint surface after completion will have a great influence on your wall. You should consider many external factors to decide whether I should choose to create surface coatings like.

Areas used regularly, everyone in the family or children’s room a lot, you should choose interior paint surface gloss (gloss or satin) due to easy cleaning, cleaning the stains on the wall . However, with this polished, vein wall stains, wall patch will more easily exposed. A matte surface, packets will not be easy to clean and does not withstand a collision marks. But the walls are not flat track will be hidden considerably.

Kantech Paint interior paint line Odour-less with bright colors, including matte surface from the line to create super ball, make sure to meet the needs renovations in your space.

KantechPaint interior paint flaking sieu

2. Choosing interior paint color matching

Do not be afraid to use bold colors. Select accent color to add depth to the room. If you understand the meaning of each color, you will know how to use them according to your needs. For example, a soothing color, like the color blue tones, would be a great choice for bedrooms.

3. Try a sample before

No need to guess the color of the walls which you do not, buy one small sample paint cans home and check. This helps you assess how a color looks on a larger area as the color box in the illustration you find the paint palette. You will save a considerable amount if the critters have selected the wrong color.

4. Be careful calculation of interior paint to buy

Of course you would have to know the total area to be painted (plus all the angles including quarry walls, windows, roof angle) and the primer, you’ll paint coating as well as the porosity of the wall. In addition you should also calculate the amount of paint that have a balance so that the repair work later.

5. Prepare

Preparatory work will occupy most of the time in the interior paint your house. You will need to tape in straight edges need painting, moving furniture, fix or patch of uneven walls, floor protection, detachable items such as door handles, … this sure Preparation sure will make up at least three-quarters of your time.

6. Primers are the key makes the difference

You need primer before using interior paint, unless you use mixes paint all in one. Especially in case you want to change the color of the wall color in contrast to the old paint, you will need to paint liner. Primer not only cover the old wall color, hide the stains, but also allows coating to color more beautiful, more durable.

7. Son border

Son edges (paint the corners and edges) so you can easily use the roller / large paint brush for the inside area. If you do the opposite, painted inside, the risk before you leave the road uneven and beautiful at the corners and edges interference. By painted border before, although it seems it will take more time, you can easily work with the inner region and achieve the results you want.

8. Use the roller will be more efficient

Using rollers will need more support equipment but it will help you save time than paint brushes. Bringing cross roller or in the form W will help to increase the coverage and smoother surface.

9. Use the roller extension rod

Instead of using the ladder to paint the high region, connecting rod length to help increase the paint roller will save time and much more flexible. You can touch up to high positions such as the ceiling without moving too much.

10. After a sufficient amount of paint

To avoid uneven color several times due to different phase, you remember one of the paint mixed in a container large enough volume loud enough, can be sealed for storage.

Currently you can thanks to its coating agents with reputable paint makers to create contemporary color paint you need. Keep paint color code you can choose to buy the right color that ensures the colors are the most painted area.

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